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The history of the Pye Group of Companies in scientific & analytical instruments, radio & line communications, broadcasting, domestic radio & TV and industrial electronics from 1896 to the present day
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W. G. Pye & Co Ltd Introduction

W. G. Pye & Co was founded in 1896 when Mr W G Pye left his job as superintendent of the workshop of the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge and started his business of making scientific instruments for research and education for supply to universities and schools.

During the 1920’s W G Pye & Co Ltd made and sold radio sets but in 1928 sold the radio business to Mr C O Stanley who set up Pye Radio Ltd which later became Pye Ltd.

The instrument business continued as a separate business from Pye Ltd until it was acquired by Pye Ltd in 1946.

Products made by W G Pye & Company Ltd included:
Electronic instruments, including Pirani and ionization gauges; audio and low frequency oscillators; high resistance test sets; D.C. amplifiers and microvoltmeters; nanoammeters; stabilised power supply units; chopper amplifiers, galvanometers: thermocouple galvanometers microammeters; electrostatic voltmeters; flux-meters; accessories, resistance bridges, boxes and standards; Kelvin, Kohlrausch and Wheatstone bridges; low resistance precision switches.

Instruments for general "physics" tuition in schools, including surface tension torsion balances, thermal conductivity apparatus, tuning forks, stands etc.

Magnetic instruments including flux meters and search coils; electromagnets. Measuring microscopes; cathetometers; reading telescopes and microscopes; accessories. Precision potentiometers, including Decade Potentiometers for research laboratories and workshops; thermocouple test sets and accessories, including shunts and standard cells. Stop clocks and watches.

Chemical instruments and accessories, including pH meters, autotitrator controllers; electrodes and electrode assemblies; recorders; gas liquid chromatography equipment; Pye Argon Chromatographs (including integrator amplifiers, microdetectors, capillary columns and accessories), process analysers; spectrometers; thermal conductivity cells; conductance bridges; conductivity meters.

In 1946 Pye Ltd acquired W G Pye & Company Ltd.

  W G Pye Scientific Catalogue 1922