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The Story of the Vanguard (1962)

This series of photographs taken in March 1962 at Ditton Works, Newmarket Road, Cambridge, illustrates the major stages of introduction of the first model in the Vanguard range, from design to despatch. See how many people you recognise!

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1. Electronic design
1. Electronic design of the Vanguard PT B10AM
2. Mechanical design
2. Mechanical design
3. Drawing Office
3. General view of Drawing Office at rear of Mobile Lab
4. Parts Listing Dep
4. Parts Listing Department
5. Purchasing
5. Purchasing & Progress Dept.
6. Mainframe
6. IBM mainframe computer room
7. Control Room
7. Control Room of the internal Pye Transport radio system
8. Training School
8. Pye Telecom Training School
9. planning
9. Production planning meeting
10. Assembly
10. Assembly of production models
11. Inspection
11. Electrical Inspection Dept. testing of incoming components
12. Stores
12. Stores pick and issue materials to the production lines
13. planning
13. Sub-Assembly of transmitter PA and aerial filters
14. Assembly
14. Sub-Assembly Dept. assembly of mobile control boxes
15. Inspection
15. Test of printed circuit board sub-assemblies
16. Stores
16. Main Assembly Dept. viewed from front right hand end
17. Main Assembly
17. Main Assembly Dept. viewed from front left hand end
18. Mechanical
18. Mechanical assembly: The first stage on the production line
19. 5 Stages
19. View showing the 5 stages of mechanical assembly
20. wiring
20. A typical production line wiring assembly stage - view 1
21. Main Assembly
21. A typical production line wiring assembly stage - view 2
22. Mechanical
22. Visual line inspection of each equipment
23. 5 Stages
23. Finished equipment electrical alignment and test - view 1
24. wiring
24. Finished equipment electrical alignment and test - view 2
25. Soak test
25. Each equipment is soak-tested for a burn-in period
26. vibration
26. Samples of equipment are subjected to vibration testing
27. frequency
27. Each unit is adjusted to the precise operating frequency
28. final tests
28. Samples of equipment are subjected to final electrical tests
29. visual checks
29. Each equipment is subjected to final visual checks
30. Mechanical
30. Each equipment is air-tested with its own ancillary items
31. 5 Stages
31. Each equipment is packed with its own ancillary items
32. wiring
32. Finally the equipments are loaded on to a van for despatch

30. Mechanical
33. Company vans will deliver
equipment to the end customers


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AM25B Vanguard manufactured over 40 years ago at the
Ditton Works factory