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Radio & Line Communications and Broadcasting Division
Pye Telecommunications Ltd

Pye was always alert to new opportunities, and as a result of the experience gained in the wartime design and production of military wireless for the British Army and radar equipment for the RAF, the management anticipated that post-war a commercial market for land, marine and aircraft radio communications equipment would develop. They decided at an early stage to prepare for this opportunity and on 3 February 1944 Pye Telecommunications Limited (PTL) was incorporated as a limited company for this purpose, created as a wholly owned subsidiary of Pye Limited.

When the war ended, and work on military equipment reduced, part of the existing research labs of Pye Ltd initially carried out the design and development activities on the first Pye civil radio communication products, the PTC102, PTC103, PTC104 family. Later, selected staff transferred from Pye Labs to the new telecommunications division, which came to be known as Pye Telecom.

See Pye Telecom History section for more details (formerly the website).

Pye TVT Ltd

Another important area in which Pye invested from as early as 1946 was in television studio equipment and television transmitters. By 1948 Pye was able to demonstrate working colour television using the 405 line EMI system, and by 1950 was supplying complete television studios to the USA. This activity was eventually separated out and became Pye TVT Ltd. ..........To be continued.

Pye Business communications Ltd

Pye Business Communications was formed in 1970 to combine the telephone exchange activities of Pye Telephones with the audio and closed circuit television (CCTV) activities of Pye TVT......To be continued.

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