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The history of the Pye Group of Companies in scientific & analytical instruments, radio & line communications, broadcasting, domestic radio & TV and industrial electronics from 1896 to the present day
The virtual museum of the Pye History Trust - Celebrating Britain’s Scientific & Industrial Heritage
Pye Events & People

Pye grew to over 60 companies, based on four main sites in the UK.....

See how many people you recognise!

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Pye Telecom Service Managers Conference, 1977

Top Row: John Hackett, Alan Foster, Colin Chamberlain, Bill Spence, Tony Fowler.

Third Row: ?, Clive Middlebrookes, Alan Morris, Mike Jacobs, Roger Knights Assistant, Bob Page, Norman Scott, Bill McGuiness, ?, Sid Archer, Sid Will, Brian Mills, Rex Web, ?, Ken Ballard, David Holden.

Second Row: Chris Seaman, Francis Brailey, Colin Tate, ?, Roger Knights, Morris Goddall, Rex Stewart, Roy Moreton, Bunny Auston, Ken Abbott, ? Clyde Prouse, Phil Godfrey.

Front Row: Ron Paxman, Jane Tomkins, Pat Jackson, Silvia Frost, Alex Farrell, Tony Pearson, Colin Dews, Brenda Benstead, Yvonne Jaggard, Trish Smish, Ray Angel.


Philips RCS NSO Conference 1984

Top Row: ?, ?, Richard Howes, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Fifth Row:

Fourth Row:

Third Row:

Second Row:

Front Row: ?, ?, ?, Paulo Forti, ?, ?, ?, ?


PRCS NSO Conference (late 1980s)

Back Row: Ron Koehler, Steve Borrill, Mike Claygate, Jim Faircliffe, Barry Davis, Roy Pattison, Ivan Cousell, David Harrison, Joe Chamberlain, Barry Ross-Bain, Robin Atack, David Warford.

Middle Row: Tony Sharp, Mike Gotch?, Don Delanoy, Harry Banks, Norman Lightfoot, DAD Smith, Unknown, Unknown, Bill Bitcom (Canada), Frank Grimm, Malcolm Jackman, Unknown, Michael Terry (Ireland), Unknown, Unknown.

Front Row: Unknown, Unknown, Gert du Plessis (S. Africa), Federico Cordero (Spain), Ces Teeuwisse (The Hague, Netherlands), Herman Holm (TeKADe Germany), Unknown, Unknown.

In Front: Daphne Humphreys


Original Tetra Team (pre July 1996)

The original Tetra design team, taken before the sale of Philips Telecom PMR to Simoco (July 1996)


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